KBSS provides the following services. Special services are available based on the customer’s requirement.

  • Static Security: Protection for your business center, work sites, residential, warehouses, etc…
  • Mobile Security: Security for movements of personnel.
  • Executive Security: Security for executive and other VIPs.
  • Event Security: Security for events with large gathering of people.
  • Road/Route Clearance, Mine and Battle Area Clearance, Explosive Ordinance Disposal.
  • Explosive Detection: Search services for vehicles, meeting areas, buildings, personnel, etc…
  • Convoy: Convoy security for employees, personnel, assets, equipment, etc..
  • Quick Responses Force (QRF) services
  • Private Investigation Services: Detective Services, Operational Intelligence and information support.
  • Sccident Investigation Services: Insurance Claim Investigation services.
  • Cash and Valuables: Transport valuables throughout the countrywith real-time tracking.
  • Scanner, Bomb/Explosive detection devices and Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • Specialty Searches: We provide any personalized training and courses.
  • Security Training: Specialized and personalized training and courses.
  • Basis security orientation course for expatriates working with UN or other organizations.
  • Non-Local Security: Gurkhas or other international guards at a competitive cost.

Guards can be armed/unarmed as per client’s requirements.
Any equipment desired to augment the security system is at the description of client.
KBSS conduct security assessments and suggests security measures for optimum security.

In addition to our internal capabilities, KBSS has the following capabilities through agreements with other companies. This allows us to provide a complete package for your needs, ensuring that all requirements are met and nothing is overlooked.

LOGISTICS: Construction equipment, industrial vehicles, machine tools, automation systems, gas and diesel engines and generators and defense industry products.

SECURITY EQUIPMENT: Bulletproof glass, surveillance cameras, close circuit TV’s, metal detectors, and other Security equipment.

PERSONNEL: We are able to provide personnel in Afghanistan as well as being registered with the Afghanistan Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled to provide Afghan citizens for employment on requirements outside of Afghanistan.

OVERSEAS: KBSS is capable of providing these services throughout Afghanistan as well as throughout the Middle East, to include Iraq.