KBSS started operation in Afghanistan since 2004 with its license Number D-23004 from the Government of Afghanistan (AISA) the organization has also been registered with the ministry of Interior & tourism. KBSS Management, and entity of KBSS Business Group (KBSS) always gives higher priority to provide the best security services to the clients as per their requirements and necessities KBSS Management and security guards are all Afghans and are highly trained in a dexterous and proficient way so that they could keep clients secured happy proud and reliable with its work and services.

KBSS at present serves and protects the interests of a number of major businesses, Companies, corporations, United Nations, Embassies, Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), our services are extended in the Office Resident Marketplaces Hotels Isolated worsites Escorting Convoys Cash / Valuable Materials Carrying VVIP/VIP Protection Dedicated Quick Reaction Force, Intelligences Services and Security Situation Analysis.

All our security assigments supplement by efficient intelligence network to have and early warning of any deterioration of security and a quick reaction capability to meet unforeseen eventuallity We carryout periodic threat analysis in relation to our clients in the area and always work on appropriate security planning. We are committed & determined to fulfill the main purpose of keeping our clients safe and sound at any cost.

KBSS security services have an established and excellent reputation in Afghanistan due to our efficient, reliable and effective services.

Our services are designed and tailored to the exact requirements of the client thus enhancing then quality of services to optimum. Continual improvement of our services through efficient management effective training up to date information and timely planning enables us to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

KBSS security services Operations is staffed with highly skilled personnel who have been properly screened, carefully selected and are committed, dedicated and trained to perform their assignments to the highest standards. The recruitment efforts that we apply and the package we offer attract the career minded security professionals for long term employment.

While it comes to security we consider surprise to be a vital element so we gather infromation and plan to act ahead of any potential threat to achieve surprise and never surprised by any threat be assured you are in safe hands with KBSS.